Supreme Court Practice Directions 2021

Part 21: Reference to Actuarial Tables in Personal Injury and Death Claims

164. Reference to Actuarial Tables for the Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury and Death Claims

(1) In all proceedings for the assessment of damages in personal injury and death claims, the Court will refer to the “Actuarial Tables with Explanatory Notes for use in Personal Injury and Death Claims” published by Academy Publishing of the Singapore Academy of Law (the “Actuarial Tables”) to determine an appropriate multiplier, unless the facts of the case and ends of justice dictate otherwise. This is so regardless of when the accidents or incidents that gave rise to those claims occurred, and regardless of the dates on which the actions were commenced.

(2) The Actuarial Tables will serve as a guide and the selection of the appropriate multipliers and the amount of damages awarded remain at the discretion of the Court. Where appropriate on the facts and circumstances of the case, the Court may depart from the multipliers in the Actuarial Tables.

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